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we high as fuck…
we might never come down…
like a cloud… we floating slow….
but hoe we aint gonna make it rain on you right now

we just blowing smoke….
you are not in our agenda…
act like you could come bust through my office door
you must not remember…

it takes time and patience…
to stay this gracious….
and you aint payed shit…
to me and my family to be able to say shit…

I’m going to work towards my Island and my spaceship
big toys for my kids and I to play with…
and enough time to enjoy it all together
constantly building better relations

I ain’t gonna sit here hating
Judging you on your enslavement
I’m just gonna put my grinder to the pavement
like i’m a cement mason

We cool…
They just aint fucking with me and my crew
We straight…
We just less flashy wit way more bank
We High…
Smoke so much feel like my feet touched the sky
We Get IT
The Money that is so you better get wit it


or get left without it
we all need to eat you cannot doubt it
but its you first in your brain…you pouted
when you didn’t get your way… you aint about it

its give take give… not take give take
if y’all keep taking first how the fuck we all supposed to live
I suppose the kids gonna rest in conflict
that they didn’t create… born to deal with your shit….

nothing left on the plate…
cause you can’t do math…
if you took time to calculate…
then perhaps you know the stats

but that ain’t even pertinent
to my homies dying on oxy’s and percacet
I just keep asking myself
where did they plug really get that shit

it ain’t like he owns a lab and a pill press
its like the doctor put my friends head in a drill press
and said kill him next…
but now I’m just passing blame and we all know thats a shame


from STUCK IN THE WOODS LP, released December 23, 2016



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WOWSKEE California

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