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we cruisin.. at a speed that they aint seen yet
makin tracks fresher… put em in a clean set
amot brings the pressure… WOWSKEE aint on a team yet
I’ll curb your enthusiasm… your only a guest star like ted danson
larry david on a page… but this here ain’t comedy or for kids thats underage
i’ll make you shit your underoos… when you see what you stepping up to
get your weapon up too… cause you know you feel threatened
reppin the western section… of the united states…
of emerigo round… my town…
we scrape the plate when its late… and Blaze straight from the pound
and roll up more than an eighth…
I’m just here to set the record straight…
Besta check the date…

I’m droppin so much music on your head
it’s fitting to get intimidating…
I’ma record so much… while you in bed
when you wake up and hit the’ll be inundating
I leant you this slap to get a ratchet ass shakin
and this raps aimed at ya like a gat if you hatin
I get it thats why I’m relaxed and you impatient
If you took offense then you know its a true statement


from STUCK IN THE WOODS LP, released December 23, 2016



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WOWSKEE California

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