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(Verse 1)
I never been to negative…
just tend to point out negative bullshit
I’m more likely to let you live…
and give you the benefit of the doubt to who you say you is

I want 6 foot cedar fence and some kids…
saftey residing in the gun powder in that clip
interests turning to dividends and land
hopefully lands me as an old man in some depends

I don’t follow trends…
and I don’t speak to enough fake people to set them
but I lead my flock of wolf clothed as sheep
to they own victory… blood dripping off of they teeth

as I put my bic to this big dube….
I’m tryin not to be a dick and spoil the mood
my styles like tar its crude
and I’m a B BOY, a weed growing D BOY dude

I did not bite your style the shit got chewed
swallowed digested and pushed out my bowels like food
I watched all of these fools stew…
in they beef broth… it ain’t got shit on the sauce i use

you don’t do half of the shit you say you do…
rappin it just to play the fool…action it is the greatest tool
you don't trap half of the work you talking bout…
wondering why when you get there all of my crew is walking out

(CHOrUS 4x)
We probably shouldn’t be so bold

(Verse 2)
I never been to hesitant
to let you know where I really come from and what I represent
I feel all of this is heaven sent…
the whole damn shit show… even the president

And I ain’t trying to resent…
shit I can not control… this fact and truth is evident
and I will not regret or repent…
shit I did not do… you act like we all profit too

and I ain’t trying to displace blame…
and act like we ain’t all connected… even a lame brain
I can’t control nothing but my aim…
and who I choose to let clean up the bloodstains

I’d call hazmat… personally I’d refrain
from cleaning up your guts off my hardwood grain
cause I still gotta deal with my brain…
and it wouldn’t feel good to watch your life drain

But I say this so you gain
a sense of respect for a kind man in the game
and if you threaten the sense of security in my domain
just know I won’t smile at the sight of your remains

you don’t shoot any of the people that you say you do
lying is not cool you cause kids to shoot kids at school
and you don’t even know a real gangster…
you just trying to be the man until the day you meet that stranger


from STUCK IN THE WOODS LP, released December 23, 2016



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WOWSKEE California

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