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I stay photogenic… even if I’m dirty and sweatin
I work harder than… a ferrari engine…
hitting the rpms around 7… thou… oh wow
wowskee has really got a pile…
of packs that will beach a whale…while
I grow those… i remember telemarketing high on nodoze
roll those… up and smoke em quick…
you know bro… all these rappers try and ride my dick
they say gay is the new black…
I just think wack is the new rap…
and y’all aint ever even sat in a trap…
I don’t wear these furs I sell em…
I keep my game air tight… talk a lot but watch what I tell em
I’m out exploring the planet like magellen
and my duffel bags exploding… my pockets are swelling
bout to liquidate an acre…
a ton and half… you can have the left overs we already ate sir
right there we rate her… none of my niggas gone date her
cause she’s thirsty and chapped…
and don’t wanna carry none of this water on her back
she just wanna smoke free weed and relax...

we work to damn hard to waste this…
her pussy is perfect… that means its tasteless
I know that last statement was truth but it was tasteless
I gotta keep it classy as I’m float in in this spaceship

I stay photogenic… like Im at a wedding
I work harder than a mexican picking lettuce
I keep my style fat… and under wraps like a burrito
I type in all caps like Im yelling at you people…
I roll up dapper eating red snapper in a tuxedo
Im in lotsa shit… like I’m robert deniro
I’ll beat the case like i paid shapiro…
and keep a mask on my face like a superhero
don’t hide from helicopters cause I’m in a greenhouse
and everything i got in life came from zero
a lil hard work and the earth that we clear yo
at birth I felt fear tho… its cold out here bro


from STUCK IN THE WOODS LP, released December 23, 2016



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WOWSKEE California

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