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I threw caution to the wind…like a frisbee
moved in like like I’m renting your den…(I am) is he
all in your living room getting dividends… where your kids be
spilling cereal, stealing your gin and sitting to close to the led tv
you may see me in your city like like a tourist in a rental…
only there for the weekend… spending the deposit for incidentals
on smoking weed in the hotel… forgot my ozium and my mental
back on the da road trying to find a lighter weed resin on my dentals
for dinner its grass fed filet mignon mango chutney and lentils…
smoked grass all day on lawn calm in my headspace… no life aint gentle
I look kinda like obama so the treat me like I’m presidental
they open the package and they like… OOOOOH what he sent you
it gets em high and leaves got goo so we leave those on too
i believe its on you… homie you don’t owe me just do what you do
I call it an elbo cause i was brought up out the old school
they call anything kush to sell that shit to you…
but we know the smell… yah we know the look…
when the calyx swell and how much time it took…
to finish it off… so your throat aint shook
but it expands in your lungs… wake up 10 weeks later like yah its done

why wouldn’t I smoke this… smell it…
I know my weed makes niggas wit shake jealous
beuracrats wit plant limits like we give a fuck what they tell us
i’ll grow my own… I ain’t buying what you sell us...

I Threw caution to the wind like a hail mary…
MY rap name is wowskee my real name is larry
I ain;t trying to beat you down with big vocabulary
or act scary like I tote and carry…
big guns but that don’t mean that I don’t tho…
Big puns dead that don’t mean he ain’t dope tho…
My eyes all red we gonna see where this go tho
If you need trees I sell high… I won’t give you the low low
but I’ll give you the low down cruising in my four door
lincoln continental 69 in slow mow….
all over the bench seats but don’t spill the dro tho
I just vacuumed and this weeds like perfume gotta grow mo
I don’t spray grow mo no mo… I mist trees with compost teas and no
pesticides reside on my nugs when I cut down my dope (NO)
this shit taste straight delicious…
the weed I smokes too tasty for a swisha…
if you wanna roll it I’ll smoke it… lifes sweet anyway…
we in motion stacking these tokens…ya we eat everyday
those tacos with carnitas taste sweet after a big ass jay
It feels like a good fucking day…
so lets keep it moving and smoke ok


from STUCK IN THE WOODS LP, released December 23, 2016



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WOWSKEE California

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